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I'm Darc, a passioned Filmmaker and Music Producer. I got my bachelor degree in music at ArtEZ Conservatory and I'm about to finish my film study at FH-Aachen, where I'm currently based at, Aachen (Germany). I love to make movies and music and pictures and stories. For me there was never the question of this or that, I always see all the aspects and my clients appreciate it. When you tell a story to people, you tell it with your voice, with your hands, some gestures, with a certain passion and you always check with your audience if they can follow. At least this is what I'm doing.

How about you?

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In a company you often come to the point where you want to communicate something to the outside world, be it that you are looking for new employees, reinventing yourself or launching a new product. Even great brands can have a hard time getting the attention of potential customers, new employees, or partners. So it is crucial to make your brand tasty to the public. This is where stories can be helpful. Ultimately, people are interested in facts and figures, but the right story can get their attention. A good story is a compelling way to quickly outline an idea before getting lost in the details.

Convince people
People are more likely to be moved by stories than by logic. Make the new or unfamiliar easier for listeners by wrapping the logic of your product into a compelling narrative.

Telling a story that illustrates how your brand solves a customer problem is a vivid way to introduce the idea to the audience. Stories give you the necessary introduction to explain your model in detail afterwards.

Convince investors
If you are an entrepreneur, in all likelihood you will try to promote your idea or business model to investors or other potential shareholders (and you already know that if you tell them how to become Google's successor, investors will shot down immediately). What investors and other shareholders want to know is: How do you create value for the customer? How do you make a profit with it? This is the perfect starting point for a story. It is the ideal way to present your venture and your business model before you explain the entire business plan.

Convince new employees
Potential co-workers need a crystal clear understanding of the employer brand and what it means for them. In short, the organization must be persuasive about empowering its new employees. The usual text-based job ad usually fail here. If you introduce yourself with a compelling narrative presentation (using pictures, videos, or other technique), you have a much better chance of engaging the audience. 

I always want to produce something awesome and I like to help.